Joy in Motion is devoted to the celebration and exploration of improvised partner dance. The basic premise of Joy in Motion is that movement is not intended to be detached from the spirit, so the focus is on concepts that explore the uniting of spirit and movement, including connection, musicality, and flow. Bringing these concepts onto the dance floor encourage a partnership that is as dynamic and alive as the personalities that compose it.

Although every form of improvised partner dance - from salsa to Argentine tango to swing to ballroom - has its own unique dance culture, the focus of Joy in Motion is to explore the intangible qualities that all social dances share. Joy in Motion aims to draw knowledge and inspiration from a variety of disciplines and to find common experience through many and diverse manifestations of that experience. These reflections are not meant to be the final word, but rather a starting point for further exploration and discussion.

The focus of Joy in Motion necessarily reflects my journey and experience as a dancer. The study of the intangibles of social dance is not an exact science, but an art form as well as a personal and spiritual pursuit. Therefore, not all readers will agree with my ideas, reflections, and conclusions. My goal is to provide more questions than answers and to stimulate a richer experience and expression of the individual through dance.

Thank you for visiting Joy in Motion. Enjoy!

Karin Norgard
Joy in Motion

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